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Permalink I Can’t Find Those Silver LiningsI Don’t Mean To Judge
Permalink I named both of her eyes, forever and please don’t go.
Permalink Wake Me Up When It’s All Over
When I’m Wiser And I’m Older
Permalink Strip away the fear,
Underneath it’s all the same love.
Permalink I’ll Wear Your Grandad’s Clothes,I’ll Look Incredible.Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
Permalink 'I swear I’d spend the rest of my life writing nothingbut the word light at the end of this tunnelif I could find the fucking tunnel.’Andrea Gibson
Permalink I Said To The Sun ‘Tell Me About The Big Bang’The Sun Said ‘It Hurts To Become’Andrea Gibson
Permalink When A  Heart Breaks, No, It Don’t Break Even
Permalink There Are Many Things That I would Like To Say To You But I Don’t Know How. Because Maybe, You’re Gonna Be The One That Saves Me.
Permalink Don’t Look Back In Anger I Heard You Say
Permalink I Have Never Met A Heavy Heart That Wasn’t A Phone Booth With A Red Cape Inside
Permalink Since The Moment I Spotted YouLike Walking Around With Little Wings On My Shoes. 
Permalink I Will Wait,I Will Wait For You.
Permalink I Don’t Want No Cake On My BirthdayI Want My Cake Everyday.
Permalink I Wanna Stand With You On A MountainI Wanna Bathe With You In The SeaI Wanna Lay Like This ForeverUntil The Sky Falls Down On Me